Competition & Antitrust2018-10-19T16:59:51+00:00

Competition and antitrust matters are becoming more and more important each day as companies face new challenges and risks based on the growth in the range of new sectors and business areas.

With a well experienced team, Inal Law Office provides both its domestic and international clients with a broad range of competition and antitrust services.

The scope of services provided by Inal Law Office mainly covers;

  • Preparing the M&A notifications to be submitted to the Turkish Competition Authority
  • Assisting in the preparation of the M&A notifications to be submitted abroad
  • Working in collaboration with the clients regarding the determination of structures to be adopted
  • Evaluating and reviewing agreements and determining whether they may benefit from block exemptions
  • Preparing individual exemption/negative clearance submissions
  • Providing competition compliance programs
  • Assisting in all phases of investigations
  • Providing the clients with daily consultancy services