As of 1st of January 2019, PTT is authorized to electronically transmit the documents, for which apostille is issued by the competent authorities, to applicants as per the Law No. 7101 on Amendments to the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law and to Other Laws which was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force on March 15, 2018.

What is e-apostille and how is it obtained?

e-Apostille consists of the stages of application for the document to be apostilled through the website www.eapostil.gov.tr, transmission of the the application to the authority competent to issue an apostille (the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Internal Affairs), creation of the relevant document in the electronic media by the competent authority, and delivery of the document to the applicant through www.eapostil.gov.tr by means of secure data transmission methods.

The document electronically created by the relevant authority and attached with e-apostille is signed by PTT by means of Qualified Electronic Certificate (Nitelikli Elektronik Sertifika, NES) and delivered to the applicant.

Thus, the authenticity and integrity of the delivered document is guaranteed. Foreign official bodies to which such electronic certificates are delivered can verify the authenticity of these certificates by uploading the same to www.eapostil.gov.tr/BelgeDogrulama.

Which documents can be apostilled by e-Apostil application? 

Currently, application can be made for the following documents:

  • Criminal Record
  • Court Decision

Preparations for the following documents are ongoing:

  • Identity Registration Copy
  • Birth Registration Copy
  • Death Registration Copy
  • Marriage Registration Copy
  • Name Equivalence Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Transcript
  • Company incorporation documents, certificates of completion

* E-apostille is not issued to countries which are not a party to the Lahey Convention.

* E-apostille is not issued for certain international shipping documents and invoices.


The service fee to be paid for e-Apostille service is:

  • TL 25 (VAT included) for Criminal Record to be issued by the Presidencies of the Justice Commissions of the Ministry of Justice (regardless of the number of pages),
  • TL 50 (VAT included) for Court Decisions (regardless of the number of pages).

Apostille certification can be requested for multiple documents; however, the service fee is paid for each document.

The service fee to be paid for the administrative documents, for which the preparations for e-apostille are ongoing, is to be determined.

The information given in this note are aimed only at providing information, and does not serve as a legal opinion under any circumstances.