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Inal Law is regarded as the leading Turkish law firm in shipping law and we enjoy a comprehensive understanding of global maritime business community. We provide legal advice in all areas of shipping law, including aviation, rail, ship and aircraft finance, import-export contracts and trade finance.

We also are one of the leading law firms advising in the ship recycling sector.

We offer expertise in:

  • Shipping finance, including pre-delivery and post-delivery finance, as well as newbuilding finance and shipyard finance
  • Refinance and restructuring of loans
  • Ship building contracts
  • Recycling, demolition and recovery of vessels
  • Defence, including military vessels projects and all related agreements
  • Sale and purchase contracts
  • Registration or deregistration of ships and/or mortgages
  • Ship arrest
  • Collisions and salvage
  • Exercising of maritime lien rights
  • Settlement of disputes relating to charterparties, shipbuilding contracts, MOAs and bills of lading
  • Cargo claims
  • Environmental disputes & pollution
  • Insurance/reinsurance matters & protection and indemnity
  • Personal injury and death claims
  • Contracts regarding offshore and energy vessels
  • Purchase/sale contracts for aircrafts
  • Freight forwarding contracts